About us

The Indian Constitution of India Preamble, main article (25 Part), 12 Supplement: solemnly, sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic, republic, unity, making the way the citizens want also including human rights like independence, equality, and also gives opportunity of brotherhood/sisterhood also gives an equal chance. The Indian Constitution also makes changes by the government, citizens, society, by such programs created by them. So this is how Arise Vishwa Society works where we look at brining the community or different group of people together as one.
We believe that children, youth and people are important stakeholders which bring change. They are not only creators but also valuable citizens. That’s why the initiative of Arise Vishwa society is to create awareness through “samantar shala, samantar balyangan, samantar yuva kendra, samantarnagari, samantar sahayog”.

To create a healthy atmosphere around children, youth and people by planned service. We see them as an important resource. Educating them academically, socio-culturally, economically along with health & hygiene, environment, and to protect natural resources and to focus on social skills, self teaching, proceedings and social change. We are striving to give equal opportunity to the people in urban and rural areas who are economically backward, lack employment or are deprived by other reasons, children-youth and people and involve them in the process of development.

Goal of Service

Sustainable development of children, youth and people living in urban & rural areas on the basis of equality.

Purpose of Service

  • To create awareness about the child, human, fundamental rights and responsibilities on the basis of equality with reference to the constitution of India.
  • To provide children, youth. People with opportunities to be active participants in building a socially sensitive independent equitable society and through out development.
  • To motivating empowerment perpetuating development promote responsible citizenship building among children, youth, people and to improve economic condition and status.

Mission of Service

To develop children, youth, people citizenship skill by focusing on child, human and fundament rights and providing them with opportunities to contribute positively to the environment using the Indian constitution basis social and economic education.