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Beginning of Service: On pilot basis on 25th January 2015, by bringing 4 students in the flow of education, Arise Vishwa Society started the work of Sarthi Shikshan Yojana Sevakarya. On 1st April 2017 Sarthi Shikshan Sevakarya was changed to Samantar Shala.

Samantar Shala

Purpose:Create community on the basis of equality age group 06 to 18 years.
Looking forward to :
A) School dropouts.
B)School going children which drop outs due economic stress or other reasons.

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Samantar Balyangan

Purpose:Independent and through out development of children in age group of 6 to 18 years.
Looking forward to:
A)Stakeholders who are economically backward, menial worker or other any reason not able to take day time responsibility of children.

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Samantar Yuva Kendra

Purpose:Economical and Social development of youth of 19 years and above.
Looking forward to:
A)Youth deprived from education due to economical stress and other reasons.

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Samantar Sahayog

Purpose:Motivating ad empowering youth and adults.
Looking forward to:
A)To help young adults who are economically backward or deprived.

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Upcoming Services


Purpose : Perpetuating development of adults of age 19 to 30 years.

Looking forward to:
A) Complete orphan, Groundless people, Homeless, Deprived, Uncared youth.
B) Exploited youth.

Service work: Nutritious food, clothes, shelter, health, education, training, sense of family, guidance and assets to internships and jobs, career guidance, rehabilitation of youth through government and private jobs.